Idan Levy

Hi, my name is Idan and I am a visual artist and a graduate of the Department of Art at The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. For quite a few years now, I have also been writing screenplays, directing, filming and editing for television and film.

My introduction to the world of botanical printing was working closely with Irit and documenting her work. My work on creating the visual language of presenting her work and transmitting it in the most accurate way to the world of Botanical Prints required a lot of trial and error. But over the years, I have sought in every photography session, beyond the need to best convey the photographic work, to produce a photography that will stand on its own as an artistic photography. When I felt I was succeeding at it, I took on a new challenge: online courses.

In addition to a clear and very informative learning experience, I tried to create for the students the special experience of participating in a private  onsite workshop. The challenge was to do justice to the aesthetics of the botanical print works and especially to create a course that is also an aesthetic experience that stands on its own. I tried to find a way to convey the depth and character of each and every print, to give each print a life and grasp its uniqueness.

My work on these courses has allowed me to sharpen my artistic perception as a visual artist and my skills as a screenwriter,  director, photographer and editor and together with the knowledge and experience I have gained in creating courses in diverse fields, I am happy to dedicate my time to projects of this type, which are exciting and very interesting to me.

You are warmly welcome to visit my Instagram page and contact me for any of your projects.

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