Hello! Shalom!

My name is Irit and I am glad you are here! For me that means you are passionate about botanical printing, just like me.

Spending time outdoors, collecting plants, bundling them, waiting impatiently to open the bundles and to see the results on a fabric, is not just an artificial or technical procedure – it is an integral part of my day-to-day life. Discovering new ways of printing Nature on fabrics is the way I express myself.

It is a constant and intriguing connection with Nature, a perpetual observation of the world. Small gifts are suddenly revealed, planned or unexpected, in a constant flow and relation with Nature.

I am lucky that I can devote my life to the research and development of new techniques. I am always inspired to try to find as many combinations as possible between all these elements in a continual attempt to seize the beauty that exists in the world.

Thanks to botanical printing I have had the privilege of meeting people, with my same passion: many amazing souls from all over the world who share a love of Nature, a desire to learn and create and a determination to find the peace of mind that printing can provide. We all share the same breathtaking admiration at the moment of a bundle being opened, still steaming, with the excitement of finding out what traces the plants left on the canvas this time.

It fills me with joy and gratitude to choose Botanical Printing as my way of life once again every new day.

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