I am Andriyani, a housewife who is 55 years old and passionate about handmade crafts. I take a keen interest in various crafts such as patchwork, weaving, and sewing, along with gardening.


Residing in the suburban area of Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia,I am accustomed to the 

country’s tropical climate that comprises two seasons – the rainy and sunny season. Due to the weather pattern, certain plant species thrive while others struggle to survive, making it difficult to witness a diverse range of flora that grows in regions with four seasons, like Europe and North America. Nonetheless, attending Irit’s workshop enlightened me on the importance of exploring and utilizing the native plant species in my area. Fortunately, living in Indonesia means that we have access to abundant leaves and flowers all year round, making it an ideal location for eco-printing.

In 2018, I began my journey in eco-printing by learning from a local artisan. This experience ignited my passion for exploring various eco-printing techniques. In 2020, I challenged myself to delve deeper by enrolling in an online workshop facilitated by Irit Dulman. The workshop provided me with extensive and valuable insights into eco printing, including techniques, fabric selection, plant varieties, and environmentally-friendly chemicals.

Eco Print

Technique: monochromatic with tannin eucalyptus
Fabric: French Terry
Leaves: various eucalyptus leaves and cosmos.

Upon gaining inspiration from Irit’s workshop, I discovered that French Terry fabric not only works excellently as a blanket but also as the primary fabric for creating a neat and tidy final product.

Eco Print

Technique: Combo strong with tannin black tea
Fabric: Rayon twill
Leaves: Cosmos, Yerba, Peregrina

This composition is personally inspired by the vintage Indonesian Batik motive that is called “Sekar Jagad” or translated to “Flower World Map” that shows many characteristic of different kinds of Batik motives in one fabric.

Eco Print

Technique: Combo strong with tannin ketapang leaves ( Terminalia Catappa )
Fabric: Woven shawl
Leaves: Biden leaves, African Woods ( Maesopsis eminii), cosmos and aster.

I really love the dark background, the color of the leaves and how the flowers printed  sharply on the fabric. I’ve made this motive repeatedly because many customers love the pattern and color.

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