Hello, my name is Susan Latty and I live in Sydney, Australia on Gadigal Land. All my life I have created in some way, mostly with a botanical theme. My creative work is an integral part of my life, encouraging me to live more mindfully and joyfully. The process is meditative.

For the last six years or so, my focus has been photographic based digital art created on mobile devices. I also make ephemeral botanical compositions and enjoy incorporating mixed media in my artwork.
In September last year I began exploring botanical contact printing on natural fabrics with Irit and have completed both her courses. I am totally besotted and have enrolled in the Workshop in France in May this year!!!
Botanical printing seems like the most perfect and natural addition to my art practice as I seek to explore my emotional landscape while celebrating the beauty and wonder found around me.


Fabric Paj Silk scarf  

Mordant Combo medium 

Printed Muehlenbeckia and Spanish moss from my garden 

Blanket No blanket, folded in half to create mirror image


Fabric Belgian linen
Mordant Iron and alum mordant from monochromatic course
Printed Eucalyptus leaves, feijoa leaves and Angophora bark collected locally
Blanket Diluted black walnut tannin blanket using asymmetric folds


Fabric Cotton muslin leftover from curtains I made about 40 years ago
Mordant Combo light
Printed Windfallen Hibiscus tiliaceus flowers and leaves with Golden Robinia leaves, collected locally
Blanket No blanket, folded in half to create a mirror image 


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