I´m Annette Giles, from Maryland USA. Here’s a photo of me and my Japanese maple tree, which gives me an endless supply of leaves.

I have been experimenting with botanical printing for around six years. I love to play with fiber and fabric and enjoy botanical printing, natural dyes, spinning wool, knitting, weaving, felting, and thread painting on fabric applique. In 2022 I started selling some of my botanical prints and thread paintings under the name Leaf and Thread Designs. I feel lucky to live in a place with an abundance of plants for printing. Some of my favorite local leaves to use include oak, red maple, Japanese maple, sumac, black walnut, sassafras, dogwood and tulip poplar. I also enjoy using flowers from my garden. I discovered Irit’s work on Instagram when I first started dabbling in botanical printing, and have now taken two of her in-person workshops, as well as her online classes. The in-person workshops are wonderful because of the connections made with Irit and other workshop participants and the opportunity to use local plants unique to that area.

A Silk Scarf – This print reminds me of summer.
Fabric: Silk charmeuse
Mordant: Combo light
Printed: Fern, Japanese maple, Cosmos , Cherry
Blanket: Water


An Upcycled T-shirt – This was an old t-shirt in my closet I never wore. I love that you can bring new life to something old and make it unique. I like the abstract look of this print, and now wear it often.
Fabric: Cotton
Mordant: Monochromatic
Printed: Sumac, Black Walnut, Sassafras, Smoke Bush and Oak
Blanket: Sumac


A Duvet Cover for my Bed – I am not an organized person by nature. So after I returned home from my first class with Irit, I forced myself to make samples using each mordant concentration on different fabrics with different tannins using the same leaves. I then sewed all the pieces together for a duvet cover for my bed.
Fabrics: Cotton, Rayon, Silk Noil
Mordant: Combo light, medium and strong
Printed: Tulip Poplar, Oak, Dogwood Sassafras, Sumac
Blanket: Gallnut, Sumac and Black Walnut


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