Hi there! My name is Cathrine, I´m  48 years old and I live with my family in the countryside outside Bodø, a small town located at the end of a peninsula projecting into the Norwegian Sea, at the entrance to Salt Fjord.


Bodø’s far northern site enables the midnight sun to be seen for about a month in the summer and it is light all day and night . In the winter we have “mørketid” and one month of darkness, only a little light in the middle of the day but no sun.

It is in this climate that I have fallen in love with the craft of Eco-Printing, which I am now fortunate enough to have learned from Irit on her courses for several years. The plants we have here in the north are hardy and the growing season is short, so it is necessary to print in the 4-5 months we have green leaves and plants. It’s fascinating, but at times a little frenetic! I have my own studio and there I love to experiment with the knowledge I have acquired on Irit’s course. I display my products on local markets , in my studio and Instagram. My focus is on sustainable handicrafts with soul and connection to tradition and innovation.

Eco Printing

I feel this print harmonizes well with the expression I wanted for this wall hanging: a warm natural and slightly rough expression that reflects the Nordic nature.

Fabric: a beautiful old handwoven vintage linen fabric 

Mordant: Combo medium

Printed: The leaves are from my favorite trees here in the north, birch and grey alder. I have also printed with maple leaves. To make an exciting blue/purple contrast to the natural forest leaves I’ve printed with garden peony- and pelargonium leaves.

Blanket: green tea and light oak gallnut tannin

Eco Printing

For me, this print has a rather different expression. It’s made as a table runner and the minimalistic form, both in colors and composition of the leaves, brings my thoughts to the cultures from the East.

Fabric: Light vintage linen

Mordant: Combo light

Printed: The leaves are from my garden roses, rowan trees, ferns from the forest and pale, blue ghost prints from the garden pelargonium plant.

Blanket: Water blanket

Eco Printing

I was rather nervous when I made all these prints. It was my first big customer order and she was quite clear about which color tones she wanted on the large table runner.

Fabric: Table runner: medium thin linen fabric and the twelve cloth napkins in organic cotton fabric.

Blankets: The napkins are printed with medium combo and ratanhia . The table runner is printed with strong galnut/rathania tannin water.

Mordant: Medium combo.

I find the contrasts in textures, colors, plants and warm/cold hues exciting. The crispiness of the sharp prints emphasize this expression I feel.

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