This is me and these are my hills and woods!
My name is Elizabeth Tagliavini and I live in a small town at the foot of the hills in the province of Reggio Emilia (in northern Italy).

Elizabeth Tagliavini

I was born and raised among woods that change color every season and fields as far as the eye can see. I approached Eco printing in 2019 when, after 14 years of working as an educator, I decided to change my life. Botanical printing has long fascinated me: the almost alchemical magic through which nature has left its unique and unrepeatable imprint on paper or fabric has attracted my desire to learn more, to experiment.
I started to learn by myself and continued to take courses, workshops and experimenting a lot with great interest.
Over time I have created my own catalog on fabrics of most of the plants present but I still have a lot of work to do.
I have followed Irit ´s work for a long time now and consider her a master of this art. I attended her workshops and I was immediately fascinated by the quality of the print and the professionalism with which I was accompanied at every stage of the process.
I keep all my fabrics with great care, from the first to the last and over time I have increasingly refined the technique without ever stopping studying.
In September 2021 I  opened an artistic atelier together with my workmate and since then, in addition to continuing my Eco printing studies, I have given shape to my personal style in a small collection of Natura Maestra branded garments.
Every time I meet people who are curious to better understand this textile art, an interesting exchange is born which enriches me and confirms once again that there is a great desire to get to know the nature around us more deeply.
I think that beyond the beauty that each fabric holds, there is an important message: the respect for nature and an ethical and careful harvesting. I like to think that I can convey this message to every person I meet.

Eco Print

A fluffy beanie – this print reminds me of the willows growing in the fields around the house
Fabric: cotton jersey
Mordant: monochromatic
Printed: willow
Blanket: pomegranate


Eco Print

Fabric: Cotton Jersey
Mordant: combo medium 
Printed: coreopsis gem
Blanket: Walnut


Eco Print

A scarf: a tribute to the native woods and plants of my country
Fabric: Cotton Jersey
Mordant: combo medium 
Printed: prunus spinosa and arundo donax
Balnket: Oak gall


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