Eco Print – It’s easier than it looks

Eco Printing

Most of the items you need to get ready to start Eco printing are most likely already in your home

To me, the magic of Eco Printing (also called Botanical Printing ) lies in its simplicity, availability, and accessibility.  You don’t need a studio or an elaborate and sophisticated workroom. I know a number of botanical print artists who work in their living rooms, balconies, or even in their backyards.

To begin creating eco printing, no special equipment is required. Nothing more than your own desire, curiosity, a love for Nature, plants and a pinch of  imagination. If you have that, you have it all.

Eco Printing

These are the most important items you need to get ready to start Eco printing:

  • A working surface, such as a simple table.
  • An old pot with a lid. Something that is no longer suitable for your kitchen or a pot that you can easily find in flea markets or second hand shops.
  • A stove
  • Some plastic bowls
  • Some wooden dowels on which you will roll the fabrics and plants into a bundle – you can cut them from an old broom stick.
  • Reusable rubber gloves
  • Plants – In fact, nearly every plant that grows around you.
  • Fabrics – There are many different fabrics that can be printed . Almost any fabric. Botanical printing typically employs natural-source fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk and wool. You can print on vintage fabrics such as old bed sheets or thrift store clothing.
    Or you can buy fabrics in online shops like these:

  • You also need some easy-to-find chemicals such as aluminum sulfate (alum can also work) and ferrous sulfate. They can be also purchased online, for example, here:

* The complete list of equipment and materials is included in the courses.

Eco Print

Now that you know what tools and materials you’ll need, it’s time to start printing and enjoying everything this field of textile art has to offer.

I invite you to dive in and join my community of botanical printing!

It’s easier than it looks  🙂 But be careful, it could become addictive!!!

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