Hi there! I´m Rossana Demarco Berois from Uruguay. You can see me in the picture picking “marcela”, a treasure for us, natural dyes lovers. There´s  plenty of it in the Uruguayan fields.  We pick it in Autumn, traditionally on Holy Friday, just before Easter.

Rossana Demarco Berois

More than 10 years ago Andrea Bustelo, a local textile artist, told me about Irit and her eco print works. I found her work so beautiful….. But it was not until April 2020 that I attended the first workshops with Ludmila, also Irit´s student and assistant. From there I began to delve deeper, buy the materials, try and fail, I went on taking courses and experimenting. The decision to go to  Textiles con Alma workshop in Tuscany, was one of the best gifts I have even given  myself. This intensive immersion was an extraordinary opportunity to deeply understand the processes and become more aware of the importance of making good choices as regards composition and design.
Nowadays, going into my atelier every day is a pleasure. I have my moments to study each design, then I prepare the fabrics, collect plants, make bundles, and after I complete the process, the magic happens when I open them.
I am infinitely grateful.

eco print

Cotton canvas tablecloth As I have worked for many years as an interior designer, I like to create objects to “dress” personal spaces. I love textiles, and together with my partner Paulina, we design and print large fabrics that can be used on the grass , on the beach, as a tablecloth or even on sofas or beds.
Fabric: 100% cotton
Mordant: combo medium
Printed: castor oil, sumac, silver poplar, ivy, fern and a small branch of nerium oleander.
Blanket: Tara


Rossana Demarco Berois

Linen Tunic  I had just finished Irit´s online course The Full Paletteand I tried using a water blanket on linen for the first time, because I love the natural color of this fabric, so I only chose different types of eucalyptus leaves to see the results and learn about this
Fabric: 100% french linen
Mordant: Combo medium
Printed: leaves from different kinds of eucalyptus
Blanket: water


eco print

Bamboo T-shirt Cotton and bamboo T shirt: I made this design for our customer Sara. The t-shirt  had got stained, so she asked us to upcycle it with eco print in shades of green 
Fabric: 50% cotton + 50% bamboo
Mordant: Combo medium
Printed: bamboo, grevillea, catalpa, casuarina, silver poplar (black acacia on the back)
Blanket: Nuts

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