My name is Maya Chaimovich, from Israel.
I have been creating Art Quilt for more than twenty years. My works are made mainly from recycled fabrics, from clothing items. In my works, I use all types of fabrics, with very bright, shiny and strong colors. My Art Quilt works are displayed in group exhibitions as well as solo exhibitions in many countries.

Maya Chaimovich

About five years ago I participated in a short workshop in Israel with Irit, and was exposed for the first time to the world of Botanical prints. Despite the different effect of the colors and the work that is done only on natural fabrics, unlike the fabrics I created with before, I completely fell in love. I feel lucky that I can participate in the short workshops that Irit teaches in Israel, in addition to her workshops that I have attended abroad. At every meeting, I marvel again at her vast knowledge in the field of plants and her endless experience in Botanical prints and its possibilities.


Botanical prints

From all the natural fabrics I know, the wool fabrics are the ones I like the most. I print on them and also even on felt. For me, the fact that I can get beautiful prints on wool fabrics without mordant is another advantage. The print in this picture is a double print. The first printing with eucalyptus leaves was dark and boring to me, so I printed it again, with different kinds of eucalyptus leaves which added various red colors.


Botanical prints

This is a miniature Art Quilt, 30 cm x 30 cm. “Green Leave is Born“. I got the inspiration from the beginning of the spring,
with the first leaves blooming. I dyed bamboo fabrics with Weld color, and printed with Pecan and Passiflora leaves.
Green is always my favorite color. I cut the printed fabrics into small pieces, in about 4-5 cm and made a new piece out of them.


Botanical prints

I made this quilt  “Despite it All” a few years ago
Size – 124 cm X 127 cm.
A fire that broke out in the sands of the coastal area in the south of the country, and destroyed all the bushes that grew in that area, did not manage to consume them. With the coming of spring, leaves and small branches began to grow again. Today, the entire area is covered with green vegetation.
The quilt is made of different  natural fabrics, such as cotton, linen, bamboo, silk and wool, most of which were dyed with Madder pigment and made ecoprint  afterwards. The work was exhibited in a group exhibition throughout Japan – “Quilt Nihon Japan”, for several years.


Botanical prints

“Wild Tulip” 
My father loved gardening. 
He used to collect the seeds of the red tulips that grew wild in the fields, and sowed them  in his small garden.
After five years, the small tulip plants started to bloom. And since then, for many years, every March, in honor of my mother’s birthday, their garden was filled with red tulips.
My Quilt “Wild Tulip” was exhibited during more than 4 years in several museums, galleries and Quilt shows over the world.


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