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Eco Printing

The Full Palette

Botanical prints on wool, silk and cellulose fabrics – printing all kinds of plants and getting a wide palette of colors

My flagship course: the best gateway to the world of Eco printing. Regardless of your previous experience, you will reach a mastership level. You will learn how to print on cellulose, silk and wool using different concentrations of mordants. I will show you different bundling techniques and you will get wonderful prints on the natural fabric or creating colorful backgrounds. You will learn to analyze the botanics to get great prints from all plants, even if they lack the ability to print beautifully.

  • 62 lessons
  • Beginners /Advanced
  • English
  • Spanish, Italian, French, Russian and Hebrew

USD 400

Eco Printing


A technique especially designed for printing tannin – rich plants and eucalyptus on cellulose fabrics

In this course we will deal with an Eco printing technique which yields monochromatic results. We will learn how to print different parts (leaves, barks, buds, etc) of a variety of eucalyptus and other tannin rich leaves. We will learn how to prepare the fabrics to get this monochromatic look, how to work with tannins and different folding methods. This technique explores the beauty of imperfection, the modesty and the rustic calmness of Nature.

  • 25 lessons
  • Addicted/Advanced
  • English
  • Spanish, Italian, French

USD 250

Eco Printing

Colorful Wool & Silk

Get colorful prints on wool and silk using only home-made iron water: a simple and sustainable approach that includes a game-changing and systematic technique of the famous iron blanket. 

In this course I will teach you how to print on wool and silk, preparing your fabrics with only diluted iron water and still getting colorful and beautiful results. Focusing on sustainability, I will explain to you how to create your  home-made iron water using no chemicals , how to maintain it and use it in your work. You will get two beautifully printed fabrics with a different style of print from the same bundle. You will learn how  botanics behave on the fabrics with this method and also get spectacular colors from eucalyptus. I will also teach you how to create a colorful background.

  • 33 lessons
  • Beginners/Advanced
  • English
  • Spanish, Italian, French

Launch Date: March 1st