My flagship course: the best gateway to the world of Eco printing. Regardless of your previous experience, you will reach a mastership level. You will learn how to print on cellulose, silk and wool using different concentrations of mordants. I will show you different bundling techniques and you will get wonderful prints on the natural fabric or creating colorful backgrounds. You will learn to analyze the botanics to get great prints from all plants, even if they lack the ability to print beautifully.

I guess the proof of any course is in the end product. I can honestly say I have found joy in every piece I have printed using the technique taught in this course

Pauline Letham

South Australia

The Syllabus

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  • Kinds of fabrics we can use in this class
  • How to prepare your fabrics
  • Equipment and materials required

Analyzing plants

  • Become an active observer of Nature getting to know the substances that plants contain
  • Use this knowledge to know what to expect from plants on the fabric
  • See all my vast library of prints of plants from all over the world


  • Influence of metals in the mordant – Aluminum, iron, aluminum+iron (the combo solution) and their special relationship with the different organic substances plants contain.
  • How to use easily available substances to prepare an accurate mordant solution
  • How to use the mordant as a creative tool – you will get 3 different concentrations of mordant recipes that will yield different results: a milestone for light, medium and dark results. You also will be able to adjust the recipes and create more recipes on your own. This is a powerful tool that will give you not only control on the final results but also a method that will help you to achieve your unique style
  • How to process your fabrics in the mordant in a quick, easy and innovative way


  • The tannin and ferrous reaction and how to take advantage of this reaction for printing and for backgrounds
  • Plants we can extract tannin from
  • Colors we can get from different plants that contain tannin
  • How to extract tannin from plants that are available and you can gather in your local environment
  • How to use tannin extracts


  • How to get beautiful, colorful and crisp prints on the natural color of the fabric
  • How to combine prints with different color backgrounds
  • 4 different bundling techniques for 4 different printing styles
  • How to bundle large pieces of fabrics
  • How to steam your bundles and finish the work
  • 62 lessons
  • Beginners /Advanced
  • English
  • Spanish, Italian, French, Russian and Hebrew
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  • A “Community” button in each lesson where you can can add questions and search other students questions;
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