In this course we will deal with an Eco printing technique which yields monochromatic results. We will learn how to print different parts (leaves, barks, buds, etc) of a variety of eucalyptus and other tannin rich leaves. We will learn how to prepare the fabrics to get this monochromatic look, how to work with tannins and different folding methods. This technique explores the beauty of imperfection, the modesty and the rustic calmness of Nature.

This course led me to develop an art that inspires

Karin Chipulina


The Syllabus

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  • What kinds of fabric would best suit this technique;
  • How to prepare your fabrics;
  • Equipment and materials for mordanting and printing.


  • How to use available substances to prepare homemade mordant solution;
  • How to process your fabrics in the mordant solution innovatively;
  • You will get an accurate mordant recipe that allows you to get the desired results.


  • What are tannins and how to use them for printing and creating different backgrounds;
  • How to work with tannin rich plants and learn placement on the fabric;
  • How to lay and arrange plants with 3- dimensional parts and achieve clear prints.
  • How to get colourful additions with dye – based plants;
  • How to make bundles; Different folding techniques;
  • Mirror images and free style;
  • How to create dark and light backgrounds on the same fabric;
  • How to cook your bundles and finish your project.
  • 25 lessons
  • Addicted/Advanced
  • English
  • Spanish, Italian, French
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